Wednesday, August 15, 2012


A hearty welcome back to me! I accidentally skipped yesterday's blog post after getting preoccupied with some other things. Today's word, syzygy, was supposed to be yesterday's word because Tuesdays are supposed to Tongue-Twister Tuesdays on my blog. Oh well...we will all survive with a day's delay.

Syzygy (pronounced sizz-uh-jee) has a variety of meanings, but the most common one refers to the alignment of three celestial bodies. We hear this in the news most often when the Earth, Sun and Moon are lined up, which happens from time to time. Fans of the Broadway musical 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee might also be familiar with the syzygy as it appears in one of Rona's songs and is also the word that she spelled correctly when she was in a spelling bee as a child (as shown in a flashback).

But for me, I love this word for its lack of true vowels. Yes, "y" can be considered a vowel and it most certainly is in this word. But outside of short words like wry and cry, there aren't too many words of six letters or more without a, e, i, o or u. Not to mention, it's just cool to say. (Well, to me it is. And this is my blog, so, of course, my opinions do count for something!)

That is all. I will be back tomorrow with more word fun. (Again, fun being an opinion. Mine.)

This is David Wartik...word up!

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